Monday, February 27, 2017

I Won!

Ok... so I won like two and a half weeks ago. My name was drawn for Brediculous Yarns February giveaway. My prize was the lovely Candy Hearts fingering yarn!

It's so pretty! It's superwash merino and nylon. It's incredibly soft and squishy. And it smells good! (Weird thing to point out? Maybe, but I've gotten a yarn recently that smells very strongly of vinegar...) I'm trying to come up with the perfect pattern for it. I know it would make great socks, but I really want to make something more visible with it. I knit up a swatch and it's just gorgeous.

I've been thinking about a shawl, but I'm having trouble finding the right pattern to really show off the yarn. I think I might need to find a second skein of a more solid yarn to go with it. Ideally I'd like to find a goldenrod yellow color. I think that would go really well with it.

Oh darn! I guess I need to go to the store...

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