I know... I'm sorry. I use a lot of abbreviations and terms on here that will only make sense if you're a knitter (and maybe not even then because sometimes I make things up). Here's a list of things I caught. If I missed something and you want to know leave a comment and I'll add it. 


  • FO:     Finished object. Something I actually finished. Yay!

  • Frog:     Undoing your knitting. You can frog a few rows to fix something or an entire project if you don't like it/have too many errors/came up with the ideal project for that yarn. 

  • KAL:     Knit-A-Long - These are projects that are done by a large group of people at the same time. Usually everyone is using the same pattern and there is a set goal date on it. Lots of group encouragement on forums/Facebook. Sometimes there are prizes for finishing on time.

  • LYS:     Local yarn shop.

  • MKAL:     This is the same as a KAL except the pattern is a mystery! The pattern clues (a section of the pattern) are released on a weekly (or biweekly etc.) schedule. 

  • Stash:     The overabundance of yarn I can't stop collecting. The thing I should be going through to find yarn for a new project instead of buying new yarn...

  • WIP:     Work in process. Whatever I'm stalling on finishing. 

  • YO:     Yarn over. A knitting stitch where all you do is make a stitch by looping the yarn over your needle.

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