Wednesday, May 10, 2017

On the Perils of Committing to a Blog

I knew when I started this blog that I was bound to fail. A few times. At least. The hardest part, I'm finding, is that Blogger is absolutely horrid on any sort of mobile device. I mostly use an iPad and that is just not conducive to actually writing posts. I have access to a laptop, but frankly it's not my first choice. So I need to find a solution to that.

I also need to get better at writing posts when I think of them. Or at least starting them when I think of them. There have been things in the last few months that I wanted to write about and when I didn't do it immediately it fell by the wayside. I have trouble remembering my own name some days so vague blog post ideas definitely don't stand a chance.

I'm going to try again. I will keep trying again until maybe, some day in the hopefully not too distant future, it'll stick. Until then, my Instagram is significantly more reliable. I post more pictures than you probably want to see.

Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Monday, February 27, 2017

I Won!

Ok... so I won like two and a half weeks ago. My name was drawn for Brediculous Yarns February giveaway. My prize was the lovely Candy Hearts fingering yarn!

It's so pretty! It's superwash merino and nylon. It's incredibly soft and squishy. And it smells good! (Weird thing to point out? Maybe, but I've gotten a yarn recently that smells very strongly of vinegar...) I'm trying to come up with the perfect pattern for it. I know it would make great socks, but I really want to make something more visible with it. I knit up a swatch and it's just gorgeous.

I've been thinking about a shawl, but I'm having trouble finding the right pattern to really show off the yarn. I think I might need to find a second skein of a more solid yarn to go with it. Ideally I'd like to find a goldenrod yellow color. I think that would go really well with it.

Oh darn! I guess I need to go to the store...

Saturday, February 25, 2017


I know it's been almost a month since my last post. In my defense I started a new job so that has thrown things off a bit. However, I think I'm finally getting into the swing again. I certainly don't think I'll be as prolific as I was in January, but I am still trying to knit every day.  I am way better at updating Instagram so feel free to head over and follow me there. Link is on the left.

I've spent most of this month working on the two MKALs I participated in.  I finished the Winter's Whisper shawl this week. I just need to find time to block it out.

I'm a couple clues behind on the socks. They go much quicker though so hopefully I can catch up this week. I think there's only one or two more clues to come in that.

We're heading to see a show tomorrow that's a bit of a drive away. I think I'll make The Boy drive so I can knit!

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

January Monthly Update

January was chock full of knitting for me! I'm really happy with how much I got done. I think I managed to knit every single day. That is exactly what I was going for. I finished a bunch of projects. I started a bunch of projects. I ignored a few projects... Hopefully, I'll have fewer ignored projects next month.


  • Makariri Shawl KAL - I loved this project! You can read my full write up here.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Dragon Lace Scarf Test Knit

This is my first test knit and I could not be happier with how smoothly it went. It was a lovely scarf to knit. The pattern is from Sleepy Dragon Workshop and the designer, Karen Moffett, was extremely helpful and very quick to respond to questions and comments.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Emergency Wedding Mittens Recap

Well, the wedding is this weekend. I handed over three pairs of mittens early last week to the boyfriend's mom and have heard nothing about it since. They turned out pretty well all things considered and I think I have a pretty good start of a mitten design to boot.

I was pretty worried when I was handed a bulky yarn and a worsted yarn. However, holding the worsted yarn double for the cuff worked out pretty well. It gave a nice firm fit around the wrist which I think is important in a mitten. I do not want cold air sneaking in there. The whole project was knit on size five double points. This made the fabric quite thick and stiff, but I liked it for the mittens.

The original pattern was Warm Wooly Mittens #51 by Theresa Gaffey. I kept the cuff the same, but there were a lot of changes after that point. The Gaffey pattern has a round decrease for the top. I'm not a huge fan of those so I did decreases along the sides and used the kitchener stitch to connect the top for a smooth finish. They're a little more structured, but I think they're cute.

Unfortunately the structured decrease meant I had to design my pattern for right and left hand mittens. I was super hopeful that it wasn't noticeable and I could get away with making them all the same, but even The Boy could tell. I'm just glad I thought of that before I knit all of them.

I went through two revisions of the pattern I made on these and I think it might need one more as well as figuring out different sizes. The pattern as written fit my mother perfectly so I think I'll make one more as is for her and figure out any changes I want to make.

Things I learned from this project:

  • Sometimes working with only the materials you are given can result in good things. If I had been given any say in yarn selection I probably would have just made the original pattern with no problem. However, I wouldn't have my own mitten pattern then.
  • Thumb gussets are weird and I am not sure that I'm completely happy with the one I have yet.
  • I'm a perfectionist... At least about a few things. I really wanted to say "Give me all the yarn! I'll make all five pairs!" It kind of bugs me that there are two pairs made by another person that will not match mine... If it was someone I knew getting married or I was getting paid for it I would have pushed more. 
  • Despite everything I kind of like the combination of worsted and bulky yarn in these mittens. 

5 Shawls, 5 Days Challenge Recap

Five shawls??!!?

Well, five mini shawls. The 5 Shawls 5 Days Challenge from Aroha Knits is a quick course in shawl shaping. Five shapes are presented over five days with easy instructions via email. Occasionally there are "bonus" versions and because this fell over a weekend there was a "bonus" shape on Saturday. I did a couple of the extra versions and ended up with eight shawls. The Bug is excited because they're all going to the dolls when I'm done.