About Me

Once upon a time a young girl of fifteen sat with her dear friend learning to cast on her first knitting project. 

"How many should I cast on?" she asked. 

"Oh, add some more, it'll be fine," said her friend innocently.  

Readers, it was not fine. 60 stitches on 10 1/2 needles is too many for a scarf. Thus the young girl's first project was a bag instead.  

Somehow I was not deterred and I have been knitting on and off since then. I am working on being more consistent in my knitting as well as pushing myself to learn more techniques. I would love to start designing my own patterns and start selling those as well as completed items. I knit a lot of things that I never use myself. I may as well put them to good use.


I live in St. Paul, Minnesota with The Boy, The Bug, and two cats. It's cold here most of the time and too hot the rest of the time.