Saturday, May 27, 2017

Tiny Needles and Tinier Yarn

Lace man, lace is my newfound true love.

I want to knit all of the beautifully intricate lace patterns.

I do not want to WEAR the beautifully intricate lace items.

Slightly contradictory, but I'm sure I can find people that do want to wear them.

I'm nearly done with my first project using actual lace yarn. The shawl is a MKAL. It's fun with lace because you see the pattern develop. The yarn is so tiny! I'm finding that my gauge is quite a bit looser with lace yarn. I'm totally sold on it though. I've already collected a good stash of lace yarns. I have another project that I just started that is on US size 2 needles with a nearly cobweb yarn. I had to get new circular needles because the ones I had were not pointy enough and had trouble catching the yarn.

Sooo tiny

The other lace shawl I'm working on is by Anna Victoria. She has STUNNING shawls. It's the first one I cast on because it was a free pattern and it felt like a great way to test out how I felt about the intricate laces. Needless to say, with how much lace yarn I'm collecting and how many patterns I've favorited I'm very happy about it. I'm using a variegated fingering yarn for it and let me tell you the knitting world has THOUGHTS about that... Mostly the response I've gotten is that I should use a solid or tonal yarn for laces so I can "let my work shine". Despite the many passive agressive comments about variegated yarns and lace I'm trucking along anyway and honestly, I'm loving the look so far.

Sure, the intricacies of the yarn are slightly muddled, but I think it looks really cool.

Now I just need to find people besides my enthusiastic eight year old to wear them!

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