Friday, January 13, 2017

Emergency Mitten Knitting

Ready for a convoluted story?

My boyfriend’s mom’s best friend’s son’s friend’s fiancé wants mittens knit for her bridesmaids. She does not know how to knit. The son volunteered his mom, who volunteered her best friend, who volunteered me. The wedding is at the end of January.

Of course it couldn't be a simple project. Oh no... 

The pattern I was given was for worsted weight yarn.  The yarn I got? Two completely different yarns, one worsted and one bulky... My boyfriend's mom had made one mitten following the pattern (holding the worsted double for the cuff) and it was a wreck.  It was way too wide, too long, and the thumb was meant for an alien.  So I took the yarn and the pattern and so far I have basically written an entirely new mitten pattern.  

I made the first pair and it's a bit small so I made a few adjustments and I'm almost done with another mitten. If nothing else I guess I have a quick mitten pattern I can make a bunch of...

bonus cat picture

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