Friday, June 9, 2017

Pattern Design, or How I Accidentally Knit a Watermelon

Sometimes you set out to make one thing and end up with something rather unexpected.  I won a skein of Candy Hearts yarn from Brediculous Yarns in February. I searched and searched for a pattern to use it with, but I had a hard time finding something I liked. I finally decided that I would have to come up with something on my own. I spent a few days getting sucked into the deep hole of lace stitches online and finally settled on one that I liked and knit up a swatch.

I was super please with how it looked and started planning out a shawl to make the most of the single skein of yarn. I got myself a graph paper notebook and started charting. The site I found the lace on only had written out instructions so I took some time to chart that out and then started playing with different shawl shapes to see what I wanted to do. I personally am not a huge fan of triangle shawls. I like to wear mine as scarfs so triangles tend to be a bit bulky around the neck.  After sketching out shawl designs I really liked the asymmetrical shawl. Unfortunately that one is going to take a LOT more planning and math to figure out how to fit the design I want into it.

I settled on a crescent shawl because it's a shape that is very wearable to me and fitting the pattern design into it was going to take significantly less time and math. After some swatching and charting, and recharting, and simplifying that chart to make it easier I grabbed a skein of Knit Picks Palette in a color I am frankly not likely to ever use for anything else and cast on for a proof of concept shawl. I don't think I've ever really heard anything in knitting referred to as proof of concept, but I'm rolling with it.

I was absolutely only going to do a little swatch of the design to see if it worked the way I wanted it to. And then I kept knitting... and knitting... and knitting... Eventually I gave in and decided to use up as much of the skein as I could. It was a 50g skein with 231yds. I am absolutely floored by how much I got out of it. Of course I ended up a few rows short. So I grabbed whatever Palette I had laying around left over from other projects. And then I ran out of that yarn so I grabbed one more and accidentally knit a watermelon.

I blocked out the Accidental Watermelon and it's the perfect size for the Bug and works pretty well as a kerchief scarf on me.

As things tend to go I finished the test shawl and then got distracted by something shiny so I haven't done the real version with the Candy Hearts yet. I might have to pick that up soon and give it a whirl. I would love to get this pattern written up for real and post it on Ravelry.

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